Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catch up, Clay's Birthday, Dec. 2010

Clay is such a hard worker and does so much for our family I wanted to make his birthday really special this year. His birthday was on a Sunday, so we made a weekend long celebration. Saturday morning I made a birthday breakfast feast and invited some friends from the ward. We watched a few home videos honoring Clay. It was a blast. Then that night we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Always a treat. Sunday morning we gave him gifts, new belts and ties. Then I surprised him at church in his primary class with a dessert tray from Kneaders full of eclairs (his favorite dessert). It was so much fun to spoil him and I wish I had more pictures from that weekend. These are just a few from the breakfast I made.

The menu was scrambled eggs, ham, Einstein bagels, cream cheese, fruit and yogurt parfaits, homemade raspberry rolls and cinnamon twists, oranges, orange juice, chocolate milk, milk, and Magelby's rolls. Delicious!

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