Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family Time

Eva trying on Mom's new boots

Where's my belly button

Dancing on Granddaddy's shoes

Family time

We have had a wonderful Saturday! We went to a party this evening and since we all were ready decided to take a quick family picture. We haven't posted one in a while, so here it is. . .

More NYC pics. . .

Jenna and her Crif dog

Waiting for Wicked to start

Hanging out where there are free refills

New York City


Friends Zack and Brenda

Eating at the Burger Joint

Deep Fried Hot Dogs here we come!

Clay's deep fried BLT hot dog

Clay and I were very fortunate to spend a week in the big apple. We arrived late Wednesday night and left at the crack of dawn the following Tuesday. We had an amazing time. Last time we came to the city we had Eva with us; which was great; but a stroller around New York is tough. Janae watched Eva for us, so it truly was a vacation. We felt completely spoiled. We stayed with Jenna and Chuck in their apartment which is in the best location. We were only a block away from Time Square and all the action.
The first day we went to a taping of the Daily Show. We had VIP seats thanks to Jenna. Afterward we were able to tour the studio and offices. Pretty cool! The next day we met up with our friends Zack and Brenda. We went to a place called the burger joint. It's hidden in this fancy hotel, no signs for it, nothing. It was delicious. We hung out with them for a while and looked at sights and went up to a revolving restaurant to see the city. That night we hung out at Qudoba where there were free refills with Jenna and Chuck. Clay must have drunk a gallon of Coke.
On Saturday we stood in line to win the lottery tickets for Wicked! There was a huge group of people wanting to win them, but we actually won them! We couldn't believe how lucky we were. We paid $25 to see the most sought after show and sat in the second row. The show was unbelievable. I got emotional throughout it. Later that night (Valentines Day) Jenna showed us around the the village where we ended up at Five Guys burgers and again drunk a gallon of coke. On Sunday we went to church, met up with friends again for a few hours, then made dinner for Jenna and Chuck.
On Monday we woke up late then decided to tour around the east village. There were so many cool little shops. Then we ran into a candy store called Economy Candy. They had such fun candy at a very affordable price. It was really fun to look around and buy a few things. Then we went to this place where they serve deep fried hot dogs. Clay got the BLT hot dog. It was wrapped in bacon then deep fried covered in lettuce, tomato, mayo, and mustard. It was delicious. I know, crazy. We had an amazing time in New York. It was just what we needed before baby number two comes in a short two months. This wouldn't have been possible without Janae, Jenna, and Chuck. Thanks again!