Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Few More. . .

New Years Eve

Our Family

Ashley and Clay

A Warm New Year. . .

Sleeping in Denver

Thai Cousins

Sea Life Park

I love my Aunt Rachel

Swimming Buddy

This year we were able to spend a very relaxing week in Hawaii for the new year. The weather was gorgeous the entire time. 80 degrees felt pretty awesome compared to the frozen wasteland we're used too. We spent time swimming, eating, going to the beach, eating, going to a sea life park, eating, shopping, spending time with family, and eating. I don't have many pictures of myself because my hair was a frizz ball the entire time, (I don't do well in humidity) and being in and out of the pool so much, make up was non existent this trip. Besides all that, it was a wonderful vacation. We feel extremely lucky to have gone. The warm weather must have put Eva in a coma. She slept about 18 hours a day there which was great because we were able to party a lot without having to worry about her.
Our plane trip to Hawaii wasn't so luxurious. We flew to Denver where we supposed to have an hour layover and then continue non-stop to Honolulu. Well, it turned into a seven hour layover because they were servicing the plane. Seven hours in the Denver airport with a one and a half year old is crazy. She thankfully fell asleep for about an hour, but all of us had about had it when we had finally arrived in Honolulu. Thankfully Jenna was flying with us. She was our life saver. Eva only fell asleep in her arms on the plane. Jenna and Eva definitely have a connection. The trip home was a piece of cake compared to that. Enjoy the few pictures. . .

Monday, January 12, 2009


I apologize for the lack of posts in the last month! Once my family came into town it was a whirlwind of events. Christmas was very successful this year. My family's annual Christmas Eve program was the best yet. We had everything from a dance contest, to a knight who would eat anything you wanted her to, to a deal or no deal game show. Clay, Eva, and I spent Christmas morning together at our house. Eva gave us the best gift yet by sleeping in until 10:30 that morning. Clay and I were able to get ready before she even woke up! We gave each other our gifts which included a kitchen play set for Eva. Then we were off to Christmas with my family, eating breakfast and opening gifts. Afterward we went and spent time with Clay's family eating once again and enjoying a leisurely afternoon. We took a video but no pictures that morning which Clay will have to post soon.