Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eva's Messes

Eva making another mess, pulling all her wipes out of the container.

I have finally come to terms that my house will never be clean again. Eva is a mess maker. I am now used to the fact she pulls all her toys out of every bin everyday, pulls her wipes out, empties our dresser, and so on. While growing up my mother would look at all of us and ask, "Why can't I have anything nice?" I sympathize with her and now understand. But these next two stories threw me for a loop. Just to warn you, they are intense.
A few weeks ago I was giving Eva a bath and she started to play. I was putting some laundry in, folding clothes, cleaning up downstairs, etc. . . Our downstairs is small enough I can hear or see Eva well and I don't worry doing a few chores while she is playing in the bath. After a while I went in to get Eva out. Well, she had pooped in the tub and it was EVERYWHERE!!! It was so gross. It was smeared all over the tub. I got Eva out and had to contain her in a secluded spot. I drained the tub, scrubbed it, threw up, and did I mention all her bath toys were in with her. I filled the tub again, bathed Eva, got her dressed, and washed all her toys. By the time this fiasco was over it had taken me all morning to get everything cleaned up.
Just yesterday I had given Eva a bath and put her down for a nap so I could get ready. I had a morning dentist appointment to go to. I got out of the shower and heard Eva crying. I knew she had a stinky diaper because she had only been asleep about twenty minutes and she HATES sleepy in stinky diapers. I know that as soon as I change her she'll go back to sleep. I walk in her room and she is standing in her crib with no diaper on screaming. She had taken off her diaper, thrown it out of her crib, and poop was everywhere in the crib. She was so upset. She got the mess on her feet and was walking around her crib disgusted. There were Eva poopprints all over. She just thought she could change her own diaper. She discovers something new everyday. It took a while to clean her up and the crib. I was late to my dentist appointment.
Children are wonderful, but they are a mess. . .

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Gang 2002-2003

The other day at lunch I recalled making a video in college for my elementary education computer class. It was a 7 am class in Logan, Utah, winter semester. Thinking about waking up that early to march across campus in the bitter cold makes me cringe. I thought my face would fall off that semester. I came across the video today looking for another cd. I laughed when I found it and laughed even harder when I watched it. You Logan friends will appreciate this. ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


As you can see from recent score lines, indoor soccer is tough. At least for me playing defense. Last night we squared off against the "All Blacks" which is actually a team name for a New Zealand Rugby team. I don't know how many kiwis were on the team. We started off pressuring up top ok, but when it came time for me to mark the ball, I got burned, alot. They put up five goals pretty quick, but we held the line the rest of the half. Things started to get chippy in the second half as cards were being handed out. Joon got the first, then some little punk on the all blacks got the second. When the second card was awarded is when Coby and Pyfer combined for our only goal. It was a great set piece from the top and cpnverted nicely. We had some other chances, and I pushed a dude over, but was not carded, which was funny. Fitness continues to be our main area of concern, aside from me playing defense. Meisters are still searching for that illusive first win.