Monday, November 10, 2008


All ready for nursery!

Eva is officially 18 months old which means . . . . .drumroll . . . .she is in nursery. Clay and I are so excited she is finally able to go. We both have demanding callings, so it was getting extremely hard to have her with us, although Clay had her most of the time. We took her in nursery yesterday and left her alone the entire time. We debated whether or not we should stay with her but opted not to. We would peek in the window occasionally to see how she was doing. She was playing well with the other kids and during the lesson and snack she sat in her own chair and followed along with everything. When it was time to pick her up we peeked in the window before hand. She was laying on a little piece of carpet while the other children were playing around her. She was exhausted. When we went in we asked the teachers how she did, they said she did great. She never cried and fell asleep for about twenty minutes. Did I mention she did all this without her binki. We are extremely proud of our smart Eva. Thank heaven for nursery.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I entered Eva's picture in a photo contest for smiles at the Select Health dental website. Follow this link and vote ( you can do it once a day from each computer) and be sure to tell your friends, family members, neighbors, etc.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Part II

Mommy and Piggy

Amy, Nick, and Eva

Clay pulling the kids around

Social piggy, talking on the phone

Eva's Pig Noise

All of our pictures and video didn't fit in the last post, so here they are!


Wrestling Ebby

Our Little Piggy

Trick or Treat

Closing my eyes again

Happy Halloween

Eva LOVED Halloween. She had a really busy day. She first came to my office for our office lunch (which was terrible) and then went with Ash to hang out with Nick and Abby while Amy was with Sophie's class. After I got home from work we made the rounds and visited Grandma & Grandpa Anderson, Janae (where she was wrestling Ebby the dog in her costume), Pat & Howard, and then to Cannon & Amy's to go trick or treating. Luckily I got to pull Eva & Nick in a wagon because we were out for almost two hours. Eva loved to go up to the doors and would hold out her bag, but she didn't really get that she had to knock and would just stand on the porch waiting. When she would get one piece of candy she would stand their waiting for more. We kept reminding her only one piece at each house. She laughed almost the whole time in the wagon cause she kept trying to poke Nick in his bunny costume; he wouldn't wear his Lion outfit. Enjoy all the pics, even though she closes here eyes in almost every photo, and the video, which was shot sideways and wouldn't let us make any changes. The video is of her snorting like a pig. All day when we would ask her to say pig, she would snort instead.