Saturday, October 31, 2009

Even More Pics...

Eva's finished house

More Halloween Pictures...

Chili and Toppings

Corn Bread and more food

Ghost Sucker and Boo Cookies

Cute Decorations

Haunted Houses


Getting ready to decorate Haunted Houses

Oscar and Cookie

I never was a real fan of Halloween in the past, but it is pretty fun with kids. Clay and I decided to have a little Halloween party at our house and invited a bunch of people from our ward. We worked really hard preparing for the party and I always panic right before thinking no one is going to come. To my surprise nearly everyone came and it was such a blast. We served chili, cornbread, chips, salsa, fruit, red velvet cake, and I made "haunted houses" for all the kids to decorate. Everyone came, ate, and stayed. It really was so much fun. Eva dressed up as Cookie Monster, her favorite character and Beck dressed as Oscar the Grouch. I even joined in wearing some Halloween pj's (thank you Rachel). They couldn't have been any cuter. I love my family so much and look forward to making many more memories. Here are a few pictures from my party. Enjoy...